Fat Reduction

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Local Fat and Cellulite Treatment

Ultrasound Fat Cavitation:

It called External Lipo Suction because the effect is similar to surgical lipo suction, But it doesn't need any surgery, It doesn't have any side effects and it is a comfortable procedure. It could be done on thighs, Abdomen - Love handles - Hips - Buttock, ...
For treatment of Cellulitis and local fat. You can do it in 30 minutes and back to the work. You only need 6-12 sessions for reducing of almost 10 cm of your body part.

FDA Approved

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The other FDA Approved new technology for external lipo suction. It could work on many parts of body without any ice effects. Cold laser could reduce your size and reshape your body parts in 6-12 sessions. FDA Approved
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Cryolipolysis Technology:
It uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target and reduce unwanted fat through a gradual process that does not harm surrounding tissue. Therefore, the triglyceride in fat tissue will be converted to solid at low temperature (below 5˚C) through normal metabolism process that gradually reduces fat layer’s thickness.
FDA Approved
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You can benefit from all types of skin care and local fat reduction services at one place.

All Services are Performed Under the Supervision of
Marzi and Neda
International Medical Graduate, Laser, Skin and Weight Specialists

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